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Tegel First to Adopt Animal Welfare Mark

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Tegel is the first company to adopt the new AQ Certified Animal Welfare Assurance Mark. When the producers display the Mark on their products, you can be confident that they have been independently audited to meet high standards of animal welfare. The audit is conducted to satisfy the strict requirements of the AsureQuality Animal Welfare Standard.

We developed the Standard with extensive input from independent animal welfare and industry experts. This Standard is unique because it covers animal welfare for both barn and free range farms and exceeds the minimum requirements of the Ministry for Primary Industries (Meat Chickens) Code of Welfare(external link) . Producers who are audited and meet the stringent criteria of the Standard, are certified and licensed to display the Mark on their products.

Shoppers can trust that products displaying the Mark, have come from a farm that has values animal welfare and AsureQuality are proud to be working with Tegel as their first customer to adopt this new Standard.