Livestock, Horticulture, Apiary, Wild Collection, Aquaculture

Renewal of Certification

Generic Forms

Application Form for Organic Certification DOCX (63 KB)

Affidavit to declare the last use of a Prohibited Input Word Doc (68 KB)

Extension or Reduction to Scope DOCX (142 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions PDF (486 KB)

Label Approval Form AQ Mark DOCX (528 KB)

Terms & Conditions of Certification PDF (126 KB)

Permission Request Forms

Application for an Exception Word Doc (108 KB)

Import of Conventional Stock Dispensation Word Doc (85 KB)

Non Organic Seed & Plant Dispensation (online form)(external link)

Non Organic Seed & Plant Dispensation DOCX (64 KB)

Non Organic Stock Feed Dispensation DOCX (51 KB)

Organic Sugar Feeding for Beehives Dispensation DOCX (52 KB)

Useful Forms

Application for Conversion/Re-conversion of Stock Word Doc (85 KB)

Beekeeper Declaration DOCX (50 KB)

Contract Animal Staff Awareness Information Sheet Word Doc (56 KB)

Contractor Cleaning Declaration DOCX (49 KB)

Crops OMP Appendix XLSX (72 KB)

Livestock Inputs List and Pasture Plan XLSX (132 KB)

Livestock Transport Driver Information DOCX (51 KB)

Materials Review DOCX (52 KB)

Neighbour Notification Word Doc (131 KB)

Social Justice Policy for Organic Certification Word Doc (64 KB)

Sublicensee Agreement Word Doc (70 KB)

Transport Sub-Contractors Form DOCX (43 KB)

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